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Sitting Meditation


How many sessions do I need?

There is no way to know prior to consulting, how many sessions you will require. I assess each client and customize a personal recovery plan. Your commitment to to the process will drastically improve your results.

Do I have to “Diet” post op?

Understand, surgery comes with a lifestyle shift. You are expected to do what is necessary to fuel your body to heal appropriately.  I will assist you in knowing the positive choices to make. Here's a free tip, drinking Water is KEY!

How should I prepare for my first session?

If your session is at The Recovery Loft, I will remove you from the garment at the start of the session. Please have available ALL post op supplies. This includes, garments, foams, boards, etc. for assessment.

What should I expect from my first session?

I will do a complete assessment for your recovery journey. Your swelling and fluid retention will be assessed, wound healing, compression analysis. Any concerns you have will be addressed. Come ready to learn!

Do I have Fibrosis?

Most likely, NO, Fibrosis is a result of aggressive lipo and is the thickening and scarring of connective tissue, usually as a result of injury. Yes, surgery is an injury to the body.

Do I stop smoking cigarettes?

Smoking cigarettes can compromise your results and slow your healing. This is due to the negative effect smoking has on Oxygen gas exchange.  This alone, should let you know smoking would not be advisable.

I had a tummy tuck, can I wear a faja?

With a tummy tuck, you wear a medical binder until 2 weeks post Op (really...  the scar is the boss) and then switch into a stage 2 faja.

I had lipo without a tummy tuck. When do I transition to stage 2 faja?

You should move into a stage 2 around day 7 post op, or within the second week.

Do I have to wear the faja?

Healing without a faja will compromise your results.


  • Plastic Surgery is an assist in your lifestyle shift, YES, you still have to place some effort in maintaining your investment. 

  • Post Op massages don’t have to hurt to be effective or successful 

  • You need to save 30% more than the cost of your surgery for unforeseen expenses. 

  • If you took iron during pre op, continue post op to aid in recovery from blood loss.

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